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Secular Humanism: a worldview that promotes human dignity, naturalism, and morality without the necessity of a divine overseer, and asserts that religious ideologies should not be attached to the vehicles of government.

This group accepts the religious who believe that church and state should be kept separate, for the good of both. And if you are an atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker, skeptic, or otherwise nonreligious person, come meet like-minded people here at Secular-Human!

This group will occasionally post artworks that contradict each other. The "common ground" section may have a genuine "coexist" deviation while the "secularism" section may have one that reads exactly opposite. Artwork supporting opposing political parties may appear. This group features art supporting both Israel and Palestine. We are mature, rational members of deviantart, and we can debate in a more-or-less comfortable atmosphere.

This group accepts controversial deviations as long as the controversy is actually real.

Enjoy your stay in Secular-Human!
Founded 3 Years ago
Sep 24, 2011


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Well, I woke up to find out that Leonard Nimoy passed away and I was a bit sad, though not surprised, at the news. That leaves Shatner, Nichelle Nichols, George Takei and Walter Koenig as the members of the original cast still with us. I've read rumors that Nimoy was being solicited to cameo in the next Star Trek feature but that's obviously not possible now. I just hope they don't pander to Shatner again by giving him a slot. I'd much rather see the other surviving main cast get some recognition in this new 'alternate' Trek saga.

Anyway, I got way behind again so this might be a bit long. It'll be worth it though.

Oh, and just an FYI, if you run into anyone claiming that Cleopatra had to contend with Christianity before she died, make sure you bitch slap them with a dose of reality. It's bad enough that we have douche-bag politicos like Scott Walker equating peaceful union protesters with terrorist garbage like ISIS. We certainly don't need any of that 'inaccurate information as fact' noise here on the ground... Viva la Reality!

Feature - Assholes in the News!

-Calls increase for Ginsburg to recuse herself in same-sex marriage case
-Oklahoma Lawmakers Vote Overwhelmingly To Ban Advanced Placement U.S. History
-Bill allows wrongful death suits on behalf of unborn
-Atlanta fire chief fired after calling gays 'vile' claims religious bias
-School board: Student OK to say 'God Bless America'
-Mississippi asks SCOTUS to let state close its last abortion clinic
-Ignorant Douche-bag Fucktard South Dakota Lawmaker: 'Planned Parenthood Worse Than ISIS'
-Florist Who Refused to Work Gay Wedding to Appeal Court Ruling
-Arizona Senate approves ban on abortion coverage on federal marketplace policies
-Ala. Chief Justice Roy Moore has no regrets over gay marriage stance
-Womick making changes to abortion legislation
-Same-sex marriage back at legislature in exemption bill
-Arkansas Bars Expanding Local Protections For Gay, Lesbians
-NC senators push religious exemption to give some officials a pass on performing gay weddings
-Oklahoma House committee advances 'conversion therapy' bill
-Senate approves controversial religious 'freedom' proposal
-House Republicans Slip Anti-Abortion Language Into Education Bill
-Bigoted Fuck Utah officer defends his objections to riding at head of gay pride parade

Today's Links -


It’s Against My Religion

I do love a bit of truth wrapped in a clever satire. :-)


This Week in God, 2.14.15

Hagee - the fundie fucknut that just wont crack... I mean shit, many countries are there in the world that are actively against Israel and are still viable states...? Hagee is a fucking douche from the word go...


Saudi Arabia condemns 'terrorist' killing of US Muslims in NC

And this American condemns the bullshit social policies that a theocratic state like Saudi Arabia imposes on women and Atheists. Not that Saudi Arabia actually has a clue about the matter in hand. Describing that asshole in Chapel Hill as a 'terrorist' is like describing Jenna Jameson as an Oscar contender. It's just not realistic...


Salt Lake NAACP denounces religious rights bill

Quote - ...religious freedom does not give us the freedom to harm other people or the freedom to do whatever we want. It does not allow us to fire, evict or deny service to anyone who we happen to believe is a sinner.

Truer words were never spoken. :nod:


21 Things You Should Never Say To An Atheist

And now for something a little lightweight... ;-)


We must offend religion more: Islam, Christianity and our tolerance for ancient myths, harmful ideas

Yes, we must, especially if we are to preserve Western ideals. It's important to note that when an immigrant comes into a country, it is NOT the duty of the country to adapt to the new-comer. It is the reverse and if new-comers can't accept this then they are welcome to fuck off back to wherever it is they came from.


Idaho’s faith-healing debate pits child welfare against parental rights

Faith healing is bullshit. That's all there is to it. Brain tumors don't go away because groups of people hold prayer vigils. Religious exemptions for this quackery should NOT exist and parents should, most certainly, be prosecuted if they allow the death of a child by way of this neglect.


Attorney predicts legal trends that will follow same-sex marriage decision

Yes, it doesn't matter what the law and courts say, there are always going to be religious fucknuts in this country who feel they have a right to subvert the law in the name of their precious skydaddy. The trick is to marginalize these people so that they have very little room to make things difficult for the rest of us.


GOP lawmaker flunks Anatomy 101

Is it possible to laugh your ass off and be speechless at the same time...? Of all the fucking absurdities to come out of the Right Wing...this almost takes the cake... :facepalm:


Former employee suing Costco for religious discrimination

If you can't do your job, you don't deserve to be employed...that's all there is to it...


'Bigotry Map' of America leaves out several Alabama groups, atheists say

Claims of bigotry coming from a group like the AFA are just fucking absurd. Bugs Bunny advising Congress on farm subsidies would make for more credibility... :facepalm:


Bible camper evicted from Hudsonville elementary schools

Just one more example of how insidious religionists can be in their efforts to proselytize. Kudos to the school for correcting the situation.


U.S.-Based Blogger Hacked To Death By Assailants In Bangladesh

I heard from a cohort here on dA that there was immense public backlash against this crime and many demands for swift justice on the part of the locals. While I find this encouraging, I find it even more pathetic that religious individuals feel empowered to act in this manner against non-believers. Religion needs to die and this is a perfect example of why it should be so.


And now we end on a joke, because it's neccessary after all the shit I've just had to wade through to bring you these links...


What did Misogynist God say to his son right before he sent him down to earth?

"Hey Son, remember to get nailed while you're away."


Extra Link(s) (not part of the SCA Morning Read) -


Jessa Duggar Lashes Out at Liberal Christians: You’re Going to Hell, But I’m Not

More intellectual sewage from the pits of the Reality TV slums...


WATCH: Jon Stewart's Definitive Takedown of Fox News—50 Lies in 6 Seconds

So long John. You will be missed.


'Pro Life' GOPer Says It's Fine For Kids to Die in the Name of God

We should force Idaho to rename itself Batshit Stupid Central...


9 Things You Think You Know About Jesus That Are Probably Wrong

Some interesting factoids but little else.


You're Not the Boss of Me! Why Libertarianism Is a Childish Sham

And, of course, the worst application of this logic is the notion that religious liberty trumps human dignity...


Road-Tripping With Jesus? 6 Batsh*t Crazy Right-Wing GOP State Bills

Wingnuts will bring this country to ruin if they get the chance...


Beyoncé as Gateway to Satan? The Long, Strange History of Conservative Christian Panic Over Satanism

It's funny how no one seems to want to decry religion as a gateway to delusion... :facepalm:
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