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Mother Earth
Literature, Anecdotes, and Other Artwork

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Visitor FAQ

Want to know more about Secular-Human?

Read About Us

Got a question? It's probably already been answered in the FAQ section in About Us.

We especially encourage you to read the FAQ if you disagree with the mission and values of Secular Humanism before commenting!

Recent Journal Entries

New gallery categories have been added to the group, and some new rules are going to be enforced as well.

First, I must reiterate that this is not an attack group.  A deviation that is aimed at a specific person will not be accepted into the galleries.  The exception to this is if it is a civil discussion or an open letter.  Additionally, stolen artwork will not be tolerated.  The galleries are being re-evaluated and hopefully all instances of stolen artwork will be caught, but if you see any, please alert the admins to the theft.

Second, as this group focuses on secular humanism, the number of deviations not immediately related to either will be curbed in order to keep the focus where it should be.

Third, this group does not actively court controversy.  The galleries may host deviations expressing opposite opinions, but if you want to get into a serious debate, we recommend a group like ControversyInc or inDISPUTE.

Fourth, in the spirit of the previous rule, we will not host many controversial topics, and conspiracy theory artwork is frowned upon.  If you wish to present a conspiracy theory deviation, please be prepared to submit your evidence in support of it.

Fifth, the updated gallery folders as described below will no doubt have some overlap in topics.  If you wish to submit a deviation, you may either submit it to Featured and leave the choice up to the admins, or submit it to an appropriate gallery.  However, troll-ish requests, such as asking that a GamerGate poster be featured in the Environmentalism folder, will be met with limited patience.  We highly encourage enabling comments on all deviations featured in our galleries.

Lastly, we will probably be looking for more admins to help moderate the group.  

This is by no means an exhaustive list of rules.  Use common courtesy and be mindful of updates to the rules.

Revised galleries:


Separation of Church and State/Secular Government
Promotion of government in which beliefs and practices of the religious majority, or the demands of any religious minority, do not take center stage in the development or enforcement of government policy or law, particularly if those enforced beliefs infringe on the rights/liberties/privileges, beliefs or practices of others.  Exposing religious privilege in comparison to minority religious or non-religious groups within any country.  "Separation of Church and State" is a phrase from the Unities States more commonly recognized because Christianity is the dominate religion.  The phrase used here does not imply that only the beliefs and practices of Christianity should be barred from government.

Secularism: The view that religion should not play a role in government; the separation of church and state.

The focus of this folder is to promote secularism and bring attention to violations of church and state, as well as ways to combat religious infringement on the government. We also focus on experiences where religion and government collide, and church vs state political issues around the globe.

:bulletblue: Please also see Secular Government and what it means for this group.

Humanism and Social Movements

:bulletyellow: Humanism. “Any system of thought or action concerned with the interests or ideals of people … the intellectual and cultural movement … characterized by an emphasis on human interests rather than … religion.” - Webster’s Dictionary
:bulletyellow: Egalitarianism. "A belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs." - Webster's Dictionary

This folder is dedicated to examining human conditions in society, media, and all aspects of living as well as examining the pros and cons of those conditions. Awareness of conditions that may limit society or individual potential.  Exposing laws or policies which discriminates selected groups or which privileges one group above others unfairly.

Egalitarianism promotes equal and ethical treatment of fellow human beings regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, caste, age, or nationality; and promotion of bodily integrity which recognizes the importance of personal autonomy and the self-determination of human beings over their own bodies.  To some, Feminism is a part of Egalitarianism. Egalitarianism believes that all humans should be equal, Feminism recognizes that women are often not treated equally.

This folder promotes the Pro-Choice Movement, the Anti-Circumcision Movement, and access to reproductive healthcare and contraceptives.

:bulletblue: This folder doesn't accept controversy or opinions opposite to Humanism. To counteract that, we do affiliate with many groups which may disagree with us.

Icons and Humor

Collection of secular mascots, icons, and symbolism. This includes altered appearances of real people, such as anthropomorphism. Some examples may include:
:bulletyellow: Atheist A
:bulletyellow: Invisible Pink Unicorn
:bulletyellow: Flying Spaghetti Monster
:bulletyellow: Happy Humanist
:bulletyellow: Russel's Teapot

:bulletblue: General collection of humor concerning secularism and religion. Humor is more or less just for humor's sake here. It doesn't have to have a critical message. Be warned, however, that everything from off-color comedy to witty political satire can go here. There may be politically incorrect or anti-theist/anti-religion humor in this folder. While we refuse to host anything blatantly and entirely offensive, we may bend the rules of political correctness.

Common Ground with Religious Moderation

Finding what we may have in common with religious or spiritual individuals, or with religious beliefs. Promoting tolerance between religions as well as between religious and secular groups.

Keep in mind that this folder has a "coexist" feel to it while other folders may not.  You have been warned.

Rationalism and Anti-Intellectual Awareness

Encouragement of scientific understanding and learning. Appreciation for members of the scientific community and their contributions. Promotion of better science education in schools and communities.

Highlighting theories and general fields of science which are censored by religious organizations or discouraged by religious beliefs. A common example of this is the Theory of Evolution. This folder also allows for a special emphasis on the origin of humans through evolution.

Submissions bringing attention to anti-rationalism or anti-intellectual movements are also welcome in this folder.

:bulletblue: Our Favourites folder, The Sciences, has previously been used for explanations of scientific, mathematical, and other phenomena. We intend to expand the Rationalism folder to include these submissions as well.

Mother Earth

Examining how we manage our natural world and how such resource use affects our lives and the lives of others. Promoting environmentalism, green energy, climate change awareness, conservation, animal welfare, good nutrition, and other environmental causes.

Bringing attention to what individuals, communities, or countries can do to help their environment on a local or global scale. Promotion of sustainable living and general environmental awareness.

Promoting ethical treatment and use of animals, both domestic and wild. This folder is open to discussion on what "ethical treatment" of animals may include.

Discussion of government environmental policy which may include:
:bulletyellow: Government's role in environmental regulation.
:bulletyellow: Use of government to encourage or deter behavior which may concern our environment.
:bulletyellow: Government's choices in subsiding or taxing certain types of energy.

:bulletblue: As a group we do not accept submissions which feature the belief that humans are in no way a factor affecting climate change. This is due to the fact that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities. Controversy on climate science is purely in the political sphere which is not relevant or constructive to scientific research. Unfortunately, it is also not constructive for environmental based policy on climate change, when the controversy tends to be between political parties.

Political Issues

This group is politically neutral, however it's understood that discussion within these topics is important and a natural point of conversation for our type of group. The folder is for discussion of political issues that are not related to Separation of Church and State. In general, any submission which is concerned with a political party, political process, or politician goes here. This is regardless of what that political party or politician is promoting or demoting. Themes may include:
:bulletyellow: Promotion/demotion of a political party, candidate, or politician.
:bulletyellow: International policy and decision concerning governments.

:bulletblue: Views in the folder may be contradicting and might disagree with you. Be warned!

As this folder contains a derivative of our focus, please limit your submissions to this folder.

Economic Perspectives

Due to the previous expansion of the Politics and Economics folder, these topics have been separated.

Deviations covered by the Economic Perspectives folder include:
:bulletyellow: Information about economic philosophies and systems.
:bulletyellow: Promotion or Demotion of economic philosophies and systems.

:bulletblue: We accept deviations supporting and deriding various economic ideologies, therefore be warned, you may see artwork in this folder that you do not agree with.

Because this folder is a derivative of our focus, please limit the number of submissions in this folder.

Atheism, Agnosticism, and Freethought

Non-religious views pertaining to atheism, antitheism, agnosticism, apatheism, misotheism, skepticism, and freethought.
Themes may include:
:bulletyellow: De-conversion
:bulletyellow: Experiences in religious communities
:bulletyellow: Thoughts about religion.
:bulletyellow: Promotion of atheism, antitheism, apatheism, agnosticism, skepticism, free-thought, rationalism, etc.

:bulletblue:This folder is also open to discussion/debate between non-religious groups and the people who may be involved in those groups.

Nonreligion and Anti-religion

This folder is a complement to the Secularism gallery but promotes the right to express non-religious or anti-religious views. This folder has overlap with other folders in Secular-Human as well. Themes may include:
:bulletyellow: Secularism with a focus on limiting the influence of religion.
:bulletyellow: Exposing harm caused by religions.
:bulletyellow: Promoting a worldview without organized religion.
:bulletyellow: Offering community alternatives to religious organizations.

:bulletblue: We do NOT support the eradication of religion or the religious by violent means under any circumstances. Deviations relaying such messages will be refused entry into the group and their proponents banned.

Philosophy, Spirituality, and Theology

We may focus on Humanism, an necessarily atheistic worldview, but that does not necessarily mean we lack spirituality or an interest in philosophy.  While this folder has plenty of overlap with the Humanism, Rationalism, and Atheism folders, there are some themes which may be concentrated in this group:
:bulletyellow: Discussions of philosophy broader than Humanism
:bulletyellow: Exposes on theological viewpoints and information about religious systems presented in a neutral manner.
:bulletyellow: Artwork expressing personal spirituality.

Famous Figures

Biographical information about, or inspirational quotes from, significant figures in history, with an emphasis on atheism, humanism, and rationalism.


Motivational and Demotivational posters concerning secularism, humanism, atheism, rationalism, freethought, and freedom from religion can go here.

Literature, Anecdotes, and Other Artwork

If you have a story or poem to share, or art that doesn't quite fit into other categories, you may submit it here.

Questions?  Comments?  Criticism?  Concerns?  Voice them below.
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Group Info


Secular Humanism: a worldview that promotes human dignity, naturalism, and morality without the necessity of a divine overseer, and asserts that religious ideologies should not be attached to the vehicles of government.

This group accepts the religious who believe that church and state should be kept separate, for the good of both. And if you are an atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinker, skeptic, or otherwise nonreligious person, come meet like-minded people here at Secular-Human!

This group will occasionally post artworks that contradict each other. The "common ground" section may have a genuine "coexist" deviation while the "secularism" section may have one that reads exactly opposite. Artwork supporting opposing political parties may appear. This group features art supporting both Israel and Palestine. We are mature, rational members of deviantart, and we can debate in a more-or-less comfortable atmosphere.

This group accepts controversial deviations as long as the controversy is actually real.

Enjoy your stay in Secular-Human!
Founded 4 Years ago
Sep 24, 2011


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